Health and Safety Training

Learn to recognize and respond to emergency situations delivering
appropriate care for adults, children and infants.

CPR  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - You will learn Chest Compressions
and Rescue Breathing

AED  Automatic External Defibrillator -  A portable electronic device that
automatically diagnoses the potentially life threatening cardiac

Level 1 First Aid  Treatment for a variety of injuries, such as burns,
wounds, head, neck and back injuries, and heat and cold-related

Critical Health Challenges  Manage response to heart attack, sudden
illnesses, stroke, seizure, bites and poisoning.  Care for conscious and
unconscious choking victims.

Supplemental courses are available including:
•        Splinting
•        Asthma Inhaler
•        Blood borne Pathogens
•        Epinephrine Auto-Injector
•        Disaster Preparedness at Home, Work and on the Road

     Health and Safety Training

CPR/AED (CPRO) Training supporting your "Duty To Respond", focusing
service levels and skills expected of you in your professional response to
emergencies.  This training program is designed to meet job certification
standards in your fields.

Training for Professional Emergency Responders - Police  -   Fireman -  
Paramedics  -  Ambulance Attendants  -  Hazmat  -  Search and Rescue -
Doctors  -  Nurses  -  Health Practitioners

CPR/AED/First Aid Training skills development to keep you current and
credentialed in your professional fields working in medical offices,
hospitals, laboratories and retail public settings.

Clinicians  -  Technicians  -  Physical Therapists  -  Pharmacists  -  Care
Providers - Coaches and Trainers

Certified Training for Lay-Persons
Individuals outside health care or emergency responding professional
fields, including Executive  -  Management  -  Staff  -  Line Personnel in
Civic, Private and Public Business and Industry.  Persons with
responsibilities in private security or those managing domestic operations
including family administration.
Basic First Aid/CPR/AED training focused on both skills and certification

Our knowledgeable instructors make understanding and remembering the skills to make a difference during an emergency easier through video
presentations, hands-on instructor-led practice sessions in small groups and interactive discussions.  All health and safety classes comply with
stringent American Red Cross “Next Generation Training” standards.

We will be happy to tailor our instructional programs to address needs and concerns of seniors, those with disabilities or special needs.  Our training
can also be adjusted for children making learning fun and productive. Please let us know when booking a class.

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